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OGE Presents the 2020 Virtual National Government Ethics Summit

March 10, 2020

Today, Director Rounds kicked off the 2020 National Government Ethics Summit, which will provide attendees with opportunities to deepen their knowledge of ethics laws and learn about the latest in ethics program practices. This multi-day training event includes hundreds of executive branch ethics officials and external stakeholders, such legislative and judicial ethics officials as well as staff from the offices of the Inspectors General.

The Summit program will focus on:

  • how the government can best plan and prepare for the upcoming presidential election;
  • how ethics officials can strategically communicate about ethics with leaders throughout their organizations;
  • how agency officials can navigate the most urgent recurring challenges they face in applying ethics laws and regulations to their work;
  • how executive branch ethics programs can best be managed in a transparent world; and
  • how ethics officials can improve collaboration among those charged with specific roles and responsibilities within the ethics program.

You can view the opening remarks of Director Rounds here: