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Welcome to OGE’s Wholly New Website

September 21, 2020

Welcome to OGE’s wholly new website. Today, OGE launched its completely redesigned website to increase transparency and improve the ability of our stakeholders to access the information you need to implement ethics across the executive branch and hold government accountable.

OGE has made it easier to find ethics documents. Now you can more easily locate all the available ethics documents for an individual, for an agency, and for a date range. You can also filter by document type. No more consulting multiple pages and databases to see if a report or other documents are available.

OGE has similarly improved locating agency oversight documents. It is simple to see all of the available oversight documents for a particular agency, and to sort them by type and date. In a single collection you can search and filter for all oversight letters, program review reports and inspections, follow-up reviews, and annual questionnaire submissions. We’ve also created a glossary to help you understand the documents included in this collection.

OGE has also made it easier to conduct legal research and created new tools for ethics practitioners. Whether you are looking for the text of a statute, the preamble to a rule, a legal advisory, or a Federal Register issuance, you can easily find it in OGE’s powerful new legal research portal. OGE has also created a comprehensive new collection of tools for ethics program administration, including relevant legal authorities, interpretive guidance, key resources, and agency practices.

OGE hopes the new navigation, search collections, and content strengthen the executive branch ethics program, increase transparency, and improve accountability.