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Public Service Recognition Week: A Message to the Executive Branch Ethics Workforce

May 6, 2024

Shelley Finlayson, Acting Director and Program Counsel

Today, in honor of Public Service Recognition Week, I’d like to reflect on why public service is a special calling and to recognize those who choose to serve in government ethics.

Public service provides the chance to affect thousands of people's lives for the good, on a daily basis. Our profession allows us to reaffirm every day our values of honesty, respect, fairness, equity, innovation, and compassion.

As public servants, we get to show up every day, challenged to be our best for other people in every single decision, every single action, and every single hour. We get to bring to life our democratic ideals and to embody the value that public service is a public trust.

Together, we work behind the scenes to protect the trust of the citizens we serve. We implement the Ethics in Government Act, the financial disclosure rules, and the Standards of Conduct. But these laws are just words on a page. They don’t review financial disclosure reports, they don’t train employees, and they don’t counsel government leaders. The law can’t teach classes, or maintain tracking systems, or help an employee who is looking for an outside job. On its own, the law is just an aspiration.

What brings these laws to life are people. Dedicated public servants working through time to turn these aspirations into reality. They are people like you – the folks who show up day after day, year in and year out to serve our country and the ethics program. Through dedicated, consistent effort the aspirations of the law become real. They help the government succeed, help the American people trust, and help our country thrive.

So, during this time of recognition, I’d like to thank all those officials who choose to serve in the executive branch ethics program. Your work is important. Many people are counting on you. I’m certain you will continue to succeed.