Confidential Financial Disclosure Review Curriculum (March 2020)


Confidential Financial Disclosure Review Curriculum

Curriculum Evaluation


Unit 1:  The Confidential Financial Disclosure System: Who, What and Why  

Confidential Financial Disclosure Guide  (PDF)

An Introduction to the System, the Form and the Review Process (video)

The Critical Roles of Supervisors and Other Reviewers of Financial Disclosure Reports (video)

Designating Filing Positions (worksheet)

Confidential Financial Disclosure Planning and Administration Aid (job aid)

Confidential Financial Disclosure Review Season: Challenges and Tools (job aid)


Unit 2:  Conducting a Review—Practice Exercise (Deputy CIO)

Confidential Financial Disclosure Massive Open Online Course (February 2020) (video)

Confidential Financial Disclosure Review Exercise (2021)


Unit 3:  Resources for Conducting Substantive Legal Review of OGE Form 450

Part 1—Assets and Income

Conflicts and Impartiality Playlist (contains video links)

Analyzing Potential Conflicts of Interest (web guide)

List of COI Remedies and Exemptions (job aid)

Certificate of Divestiture Fact Sheet  (job aid)


Part 2—Liabilities

Conflicts of Interest Considerations: Liabilities (web guide)



Part 3—Outside Positions

Outside Activities Analysis (video)

Outside Activities: Table of Applicable Authorities (job aid)

Outside Activities: Teaching, Speaking, or Writing “Related to” Official Duties” (video)

Misuse of Position: An Overview of Subpart G (video)

18 USC 205(a)(2): From Doctrine to Implementation (video)

18 USC 205(a)(2): Flow Chart (job aid)

18 USC 203: Receipt of Compensation for Representational Services (video)


Part 4—Agreements or Arrangements

18 USC 209 and 2635.503: Flow Chart for Payments from Non-Federal Sources (job aid)

Seeking and Negotiating for Employment: 18 USC 208 and STOCK Act overview (MOOC) (video)


Part 5—Gifts and Travel Reimbursements

Seasonal Gifts Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) (video)

Table--Gifts of Travel and Related Benefits (revised August 2022) (job aid)

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