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OGE's Latest Advisories

PA-20-07: 2020 Annual Agency Ethics Program Questionnaire
This Program Advisory explains how and when to submit the questionnaire response, describes the changes made from the 2019 questionnaire, and provides executive branch agencies with an advance copy of the 2020 questionnaire. In addition, this Advisory explains how OGE uses the data and reminds agencies of the public availability of the questionnaire.

PA-20-06: Revisions to the Governmentwide Systems of Records Covering Ethics Records
This Program Advisory details the recent revisions to the OGE/GOVT-1 and OGE/GOVT-2 governmentwide systems of records covering ethics records. The changes included several new and modified routine uses.

PA-20-05: Revised Guide to Drafting Nominee Ethics Agreements
This Program Advisory announces the revised Guide to Drafting Nominee Ethics Agreements and provides an overview of the changes. It also has an attached table that lists the revised and new samples.

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