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Preparing Your Agency’s Ethics Program for a Presidential Election Year

OGE regulations require Designated Agency Ethics Officials to evaluate whether their agency’s ethics program has an adequate number of trained ethics officials to deliver effective support during the period after a presidential election.  5 CFR 2638.604(p) OGE is hosting a short broadcast to share resources, tips, and strategies to help agency ethics officials begin preparing their programs for the election year. 

Are You Ready? Preparing for the Presidential Election (Election Readiness 2020)


Are You Ready? Preparing for the Presidential Election 

As ethics officials, you have a key role to play in the peaceful transfer of power from one Administration to the next, which is one of the remarkable aspects of our democracy. Join us for an informative discussion by a panel of experts about the work underway to be ready for the Presidential election, regardless of outcome, and what you should be doing to prepare.

  • Shelley K. Finlayson, Office of Government Ethics
  • Mary Gibert, Federal Transition Coordinator, General Services Administration
  • David Marchick, Director, Center for Presidential Transition, Partnership for Public Service
  • Patrick Shepherd, Moderator


Are you Ready?  An Interview with Dr. Martha Joynt Kumar, Director of the White House Transition Project. 

In this interview, Dr. Kumar shares lessons learned from previous Presidential elections, insights into effectively supporting incoming administrations, and thoughts about how the COVID-19 pandemic may affect the election and the period that follows.

Preparing for the Presidential Election

Join instructors from the Institute for Ethics in Government for some final planning ideas ahead of the Presidential election.  In this live, 1 hour broadcast we will discuss:

  • Resource Management & Planning
  • Transition Planning
  • Preparing New Leaders
  • Coaching & Educating Nominees
  • Off-boarding and On-boarding Employees


Lessons Learned from P2P Election Readiness Workshops (.pdf)

OGE held a series of workshops during October 2020.  These workshops brought together senior ethics officials from across the executive branch.  This document details some of the practices shared during these discussions. 



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