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United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

Former Director Mr. Stephen D. Potts Visits OGE
August 28, 2015

Former OGE Director Potts, who served two terms as Director under two different administrations. visited OGE this week for a formal interview and meetings with senior staff. Former Director Potts steered the agency through sweeping changes in the 1990’s. During his visit he discussed past initiatives, learned about current programs and offered valuable insights on successes and lessons learned during his tenure. Among the many accomplishments under Mr. Potts’ leadership were updating of the Standards of Conduct, establishing the Certificate of Divestiture program, emphasizing international outreach, and greatly enhancing the legal and training resources available to the ethics community.

OGE Director Walter Shaub expressed appreciation for Director Potts’ visit, noting that, “Steve Potts is an important figure in our ethics community whose willingness to share his wealth of experience and valuable insights continues to strengthen our government ethics program. It is also important to recognize that there is much in OGE’s history that informs our work going forward.”

OGE senior leadership and staff were privileged to have the opportunity to hear directly from Former Director Potts, learn from his experience, and preserve the enlightening history of the agency and one of its most accomplished leaders.

Milestones and Accomplishments of OGE Director Potts