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Search Tips

Use these tips to better refine your search results.

Put quotes around your string to get the exact phrase.
"John Doe" will return only documents containing the phrase John Doe.
Without quotes, entering John Doe will give you every instance where the words exist (ie. John Doe, John p. Doe)

If your search term contains parenthesis () treat it as a phrase by putting it in quotes ""

Searching with wildcards
You can substitute wildcard characters for other characters when you search for text. Use a
    ? (question mark) for a single character, and an
    * (asterisk) for multiple characters.
Wildcard characters work only in fields that contain text; they do not work in fields that contain dates or numbers. Using wildcards
Using ?.Finds documents that include these words...
?eroNero, Hero
*ountcount, amount, tantamount
You can also use wildcards at the end of words (Gen*)