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United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

Third-Party Website Privacy Statement - Social Media

OGE maintains official social media accounts on third-party websites ("third-party accounts") to promote transparency and raise the visibility of the executive branch ethics program and OGE. Raising the visibility of the executive branch ethics program and OGE are critical steps towards building awareness of the systems in place to detect and resolve potential conflicts of interest. Additionally, OGE uses third-party accounts to provide cost-effective online training for ethics officials. This training provides ethics officials with the knowledge and skills needed to carry out the duties of their positions.

Third-Party Website Security and Privacy Policies

User activity on third-party websites is governed by the security and privacy policies of the third-party website. Users of third-party websites often share information with the general public, user community, and/or the third-party operating the third-party website. These actors may use this information in a variety of ways. Consequently, users should review the privacy policies of the third-party website before using it and ensure that they understand how this information may be used. Users should also adjust privacy settings on their accounts on any third-party website to match their preferences. Information about each third-party website that OGE uses, including a link to the third-party website privacy policy, is provided below:

  • Twitter is a social networking website and its privacy policy can be found at
  • YouTube is a video sharing website and users do not have to register with YouTube to view videos posted by OGE. For users registered with YouTube, please note that YouTube is a third-party site governed by a separate privacy policy that can be found at
  • Google+ is an online social networking website through which users can share information, pictures, and videos. Google+ also has a live video chatting feature called Google Hangouts that also allows a user to share documents, scratchpads, images, and?videos with other users and includes a feature for broadcasting live video conversations that are accessible to anyone with a web browser. The privacy policy for Google+ can be found at
  • LinkedIn is an online social networking website for professionals through which users can share their professional identities and experience, make business connections, post, and seek jobs. The privacy policy for LinkedIn can be found at:

The information posted on or directed at OGE through OGE's third-party accounts is generally available to any users who are able to view OGE's profile page. To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, do not include your full name, date of birth, social security number, address, phone numbers, email addresses, case numbers, or any other sensitive personal information in your comments or responses. This information may be archived independently on, and retention of such information is governed by, the third-party website.

OGE Privacy Policy

OGE will not use its third-party accounts to: 1) actively seek personal information, 2) search for or by personal information, or 3) "follow," "friend," subscribe to, or take similar action to connect its account to other user accounts, except for U.S. government entities. To the extent a user posts or sends personal information to OGE through its third-party accounts, OGE will use the minimum amount of information necessary to accomplish a purpose authorized by statute, executive order, or regulation. OGE does not request, collect, maintain, or record personally identifiable information (PII) that users submit or publish when engaging with OGE through a third-party website.

OGE Use of Web Measurement and Customization Technology

OGE does use multi-session web measurement and customization technology to monitor traffic directed to its website through OGE's third-party accounts; engagement activities with OGE third-party pages, such as the number of views, clicks on posted links, "likes" and "retweets;" and the number of "followers," "friends," "subscribers," or similar connections to OGE's third-party accounts. OGE uses this information to learn about the reach of its external communications by analyzing the number of users who visit OGE's official website through links OGE posts on it third-party sites and to make its website and third-party accounts more useful to its external audiences. This technical data is retained for purposes of conducting an annual review of OGE's effectiveness in meeting its goals to promote transparency of executive branch decision making processes by raising visibility of the executive branch ethics program and to advance a strong uniform executive branch ethics program through ethics education. No PII is provided to OGE through this measurement technology and OGE is unable to identify an individual or track information about a user or a user's account as a result of OGE's use of the measurement technology. Users may choose to visit OGE's official website ( directly to access the information provided by OGE through its third-party account or choose to disable the cookie feature on their browser to block the transfer of this technical data.

Privacy Impact Assessment

The OGE privacy impact assessment for OGE's use of social media accounts on third-party websites can be viewed here.