United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

Compliance Division

The Compliance Division (CD) is responsible for (1) monitoring and reviewing agency ethics programs to ensure compliance with applicable ethics requirements established by statutes, rules, regulations, and Executive Orders; (2) managing elements of the public financial disclosure program; and (3) supporting OGE’s administrative operations.

Program Review Division

The Program Review Branch (PRB) exercises systemic oversight of the executive branch ethics program through ethics program reviews.  Ethics program reviews are designed to ensure consistent and sustainable ethics program compliance with established executive branch ethics laws, regulations and policies, and to provide recommendations for meaningful program improvement. To learn more about ethics program reviews, see Ethics Program Reviews.

PRB also monitors compliance with ethics agreements made by Presidential Appointees during their Senate confirmation process to ensure commitments made to resolve potential conflicts of interests are timely met and appropriately resolved.

Additionally, PRB is responsible for reviewing agency requests to institute alternative financial disclosure procedures and exempt Schedule C employees from public financial disclosure requirements.

Administrative Operations Branch

The Administrative Operations Branch (AOB) is responsible for providing overall administrative and legal compliance support to OGE. AOB is responsible for (1) ensuring compliance with administrative requirements for agencies; (2) overseeing human resources functions; (3) purchasing and contracting; and (4) property management and other administrative programs. The Deputy Director for Compliance is supported by a Human Resources Officer and specialists in the Department of Treasury’s Bureau of Fiscal Service and other agencies that perform services through interagency shared services agreements.

Key Staff
Dale 'Chip' Christopher, Deputy Director for Compliance

Doug Chapman, Chief, Program Review Branch