United States Office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Executive Branch

Program Counsel Division

The Program Counsel Division (PCD) is responsible for (1) coordinating and conducting outreach between OGE and its many stakeholders such as Congress, OMB, government watchdog groups, and the public; (2) developing and providing training to agency ethics officials; (3) carrying out initiatives that reach across executive branch agencies such as e-filing; (4) providing agency-specific legal support to OGE; (5) managing OGE’s budget, performance, and legislative affairs programs; and (6) supporting agency ethics officials, through its Desk Officer program, in carrying out the executive branch ethics program.

Legal, External Affairs and Performance Branch
The Legal, External Affairs, and Performance Branch (LEAP) supports OGE through a range of cross-cutting programmatic responsibilities. LEAP provides agency specific legal support to OGE. LEAP manages OGE’s strategic initiatives including efiling, performance management, budget, communications, and legislative affairs programs. LEAP serves as OGE’s liaison to the Federal Register and the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs within the Office of Management and Budget and oversees OGE’s Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, and Records Management programs.

LEAP also develops and provides substantive training to agency ethics officials and OGE staff to help them attain the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the duties of their position.

Agency Assistance Branch
The Agency Assistance Branch (AAB) provides vital services and support to agency ethics officials throughout the executive branch. Through its Desk Officer program, AAB provides timely and accurate advice to ethics officials in response to questions regarding unique or emerging ethics-related issues. In addition to responding to requests for advice, AAB Desk Officers actively reach out the ethics community to address issues and challenges that are of common interest in order to arrive at and share collaborative solutions.

Key Staff

Shelley K. Finlayson, Chief of Staff and Program Counsel

Diana J. Veilleux, Chief, Legal, External Affairs and Performance Branch

Nicole Stein, Chief, Agency Assistance Branch