United States office of Government Ethics, Preventing Conflicts of Interest in the Excutive Branch

Certificates of Divestiture issued by OGE

Executive branch agencies or the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) can direct an executive branch employee to sell, or otherwise divest, an asset in order to comply with a Federal conflict of interest statute, regulation, rule, or executive order. If selling the asset will result in a capital gain, certain persons may be eligible for a Certificate of Divestiture to offset the tax burden of complying with the government’s conflict of interest requirements. A Certificate of Divestiture is valid only if obtained before selling an asset. A Certificate of Divestiture is not an employee benefit; it is designed to reduce the financial burden of complying with ethics laws.

Please complete the OGE Form 201 to request any Certificate of Divestitures available below.
Note: OGE Staff are working to make all Certificates of Divestitures available here. Entries are being uploaded by date working from the present back. Certificates not listed can be requested by completing and submitting the fill and print OGE Form 201. This form can be downloaded here.

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